Tax Filing for Individuals, Business Entities & Not-for-Profit

Livingston & Haynes assists clients with a wide array of individual, business, and not-for-profit tax filings, including:

  • Federal Tax Filings
    • Form 1040 for individuals
    • Form 1041 for estates and trusts
    • Form 1065 for partnerships
    • Form 1099-MISC for reporting income other than wages, salaries and tips
    • Form 990 and 990T for tax exempt organizations
    • Form 1120 for C corporations
    • Form 1120S for S corporations
  • State Tax Filings for All U.S. States
  • Payroll Tax Filings through our affiliate EBPI
  • Other Informational Filings

For a complete calendar of current tax filing deadlines, see the IRS Tax Calendar. You can also call us for information at 781.237.3339.