Are you a technology start up that is seeking:

  • New or additional funding for your enterprise?
  • To position your firm to go public or be acquired?
  • To prepare your firm for a potential merge with another entity?

Livingston & Haynes can help your firm achieve your goals by ensuring that all of your tax and financial information is correct, current and compliant and that it positions you for success with potential partners, buyers and investors.

We are proud to serve as a preferred accounting partner for the Bain Capital Ventures Innovation Center (BCVIC), a virtual marketplace that provides entrepreneurs with a suite of resources to help them succeed when starting a business. BCVIC considers L&H to be among “the best and brightest” in our field and regards us as “a trusted partner that can make all the difference when getting your business off the ground.”

Like the technology start-up firms we serve, L&H is passionate about entrepreneurship and committed to building long-term client relationships that lay the foundation for sustained financial success.

We understand the unique nuances and financial challenges that emerging technology firms face and have the skills, experience and technical knowledge to deliver audited financial statements and tax preparation services that ensure your firm is compliant in all areas and better positioned for new or additional funding, a merger, an acquisition or standalone success.

If you are seeking accounting support for your technology start up, call L&H at 781.237.3339 or complete our contact form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Get your accounting where it should be so you can get your business where you want it to be.